Thursday, April 29, 2010

BLACK MASCARA - Brush-on for the ultra-glam effect


The all natural formula Mircoz Black Mascara instantly creates longest, curliest, thickest and healthiest eyelashes. Pure professional designed long lasting formula with intense deep kohl black shade that glides on smoothly and draws out lashes to ultra glamorous "Just off the runway" looks & lengths.

For dramatic results, use together with Mircoz Lash Extender Lengthening & Volumising!

Panthenol - Vitamin B5 to moisture the hair naturally and strands appear shiny.
Cera Alba - A natural thickener.
Copernica Cerifera - Nourishes, moisturizes and softens.
Glycerin - An emollient that helps to balance or maintain moisture levels.
Cocos Nucifera - A natural coconut oil to tone and protects the skin.
Rosmarinus Officinalis - Revitalizing and moisturizing agent.
Keratin - Restore and help boost growth of hair.

Benefits: Using Mircoz Black Mascara on its own will create full, long lashes that brings out the best of your eyes.

1. Apply mascara by looking straight into the mirror, with your chin lifted slightly so you can see your lashes clearly.
2. Gently twist the spiral brush as you withdraw it from the mascara bottle.
3. Stroke your upper lashes evenly from their base to the tips, curling them upward with the brush as you apply the mascara.
4. Apply mascara to the lower lashes with downward strokes, wiggling the brush back and forth a bit to separate the lashes. After you have applied the mascara to both eyes, you can repeat the application to add more fullness to your eyelashes

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