Thursday, April 29, 2010

BROW EXTENDER - Instantly Brush-on Semi Permanent Eyebrows


Mircoz Brow Extender sculpting and filling in your perfect eyebrows with all natural tiny fibers and natural Italian terra mineral clay powder which are ultra fine formulated powder infused with pure sea minerals and a fine blend of herbs and precious ingredients. Like adding thousands of tiny brow hair to your eyebrows just in 60 seconds! Semi permanent - Stays on for days!

Panthenol - Vitamin B5 to moisture the hair naturally and strands appear shiny.
Cellulose - Tone and revitalize the skin.
Vitamin E - Natural emollient and moisturizer.
Argilla - A natural agent that restores volume and create lightness to hair. Boswella Extract - Herb with an anti-inflammatory effect.
Ginseng - Helps regenerate and tone while works as a moisturizing agent for a healthy look.
Green Tea - A skin protector with potent anti-inflammatory agent and a collagen-reducing enzyme.
White Tea - Anti-oxidant, a strength booster and protects against sun damage.
Vanilla - A fragrance agent that exhibit anti-oxidant activity and serve as anti-inflammatory agent.

Benefits: Instantly adds volume and fills in those less than perfect spots nicely and resulting in a complete set of eyes so beautiful and attractive.

Direction: This professional 'Brow Extender Kit' shows dramatic results in seconds by using 2 unique ways :
1. Apply Brow Extender directly onto brows where brow hairs are needed. The terra mineral clay powder instantly fills in to those less perfect spots in the eyebrows. Long Lasting!
2. Apply Mini Brow Fixing Gel onto brows with your own designed brow shape. Apply Brow Extender onto fixing gel area delicately patting fibers into place before the fixing gel get dry. The fixing gel picks up the tiny fibers as you pat on. Reapply fibers for extra volume & to fill in less perfect spots.

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